Glasswall-UK Engineering Ltd.


What are the benefits?
- You can save thousand of pounds by completing your design and drawings on time and on budget.
- Save the cost of employing in-house draughtsmen & maintaining a Drawing Office.
- We cater for any project size.
- No hidden charges. We charge based on the number of details. Know the cost and schedule before we start any work.
- Free glass structural calculations.
- Improve your presentations in 2D, 3D and isometric drawings.
- Project references and drawing samples can be provided upon request.
- You will not find better rates anywhere.

We specialize in providing design and drawings for:
- Unitised & stick curtain-wall systems, bolted glazing, claddings, roof-lights, glass floors, balustrades, glass stair etc.

How to reduce your drawing cost?
- Provide the following before we start the work:
a) Design principles
b) Site survey or controlled dimensions
c) Project CAD files references
d) Materials and system specification
e) Indicate the essential details

How to get a quotation?

Please contact us:
Glasswall Engineering Ltd.

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